About this blog

I originally started this weblog in 2010 as a method for coping with my need to discuss what I was reading. I'd never written a blog before. For that matter, I'd never written much of anything that other people had read. I was just a reader that was slowly driving his family and girlfriend crazy with his endless banter about this book or that book. I needed another outlet that would allow me to say what I wanted to say without irritating the people that I loved. This blog was that outlet.

At first, no one read what I wrote. I didn't mind so much. I didn't know what I was doing. I was just glad to be able to put myself out there. It was scary and exciting to think that someone might read what I'd written about a book. I was terrified that an author might discover it. I kept writing anyway.

I decided pretty early on to focus on what I liked, rather than what I didn't like. I figured, there are already enough people out there that want to slam a book for not meeting their expectations. There aren't enough people out there that focus on the aspects of a book that are done well. So, despite the fact that I've never held back my honest opinion, most of my posts have been positive ones.

Most of the time, my posts are about children's books. That's what I read the most, so that's what I write about the most. I've also written posts on travelogues, unusual history books, professional books on education, parodies of popular romance books, and book-related websites. Basically, I write my reactions to whatever makes up my reading life at the moment. I'm still toying with new ideas for the future of this blog, but whatever the future holds, it will still be a reflection of the things that make me happy as a reader.